Read 2020 February Romance

It’s February, and time for some ROMANCE!

If you’re new to the genre, we recommend this fantastic article from Bustle.

You probably have some preconceived notions about what Romance novels are – men with long hair and ripped-open, flowy shirts as rather bosom-y women look on in a near-faint. And yes, this is true of some Romance (if that sounds appealing), but there is also so much more.

Romance novels are, by definition, centered around a romantic relationship (or relationships) and [almost always] have a happy ending.

Romance can be a very intimidating world, but, like most fiction, it has something to appeal to everyone. When choosing a book for yourself, bear in mind that romance is a MASSIVE and prolific genre, with many sub-genres: from Historical (set before 1950) to Modern, from Christan/Spiritual/Amish (with religion intertwined throughout the story and little to no heat) to Erotica (steamy scenes galore!). There are even Steampunk and Paranormal and other sub-genres!

So… HOW DO I CHOOSE A BOOK?! All this month we’ll have a display on the second floor of the Main Library or you can check out our list of suggestions . As always, we’re flexible about READ 2020 – you can choose to read any romance.

Do you like ebooks? The library has a large amount of romance ebook holdings, as some romance writers only publish in ebook format.

Reader beware: Romance titles can sometimes include topics one might find jarring (infidelity, pregnancy, breakups, kinks, etc) so be sure to read the back of the book and make sure it matches what you’re looking for.

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