We are Nothing: A Film Event with Director (and EPL Staffer) Victor Callaso

Join EPL on Saturday, June 30 at 3 pm, for a screening of We Are Nothing, a film by local filmmaker Victor Collaso. The film follows young adults Alex Logan and Samantha Queen as their universes collide after the divorce of Alex’s parents and his father’s devastating illness. Meanwhile, Samantha holds a huge secret from her own family which is steeped in religious dogma. When their paths meet what follows is a tale of kindred spirits taking on the world, the establishment, and our assumptions. Collaso works in the Circulation Department of Evanston Public Library. We asked him a few questions in advance of the screening of his movie.

How did you develop your interest in filmmaking?
Ever since I was a kid I was interested in car commercials and how the camera works. When I saw Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg I knew then I wanted to work on films. Also, my mother was a camera woman and worked on films so I would watch her while growing up.
What is one fun fact about yourself? 
I am self-taught filmmaker.
What is your favorite film of all-time?
There are so many films like Jurassic Park, Inception, The Princess Bride, Creed, etc. That is a hard question but if I had to narrow it down to one film  it would have to be Disturbia by D.J Caruso.
Why the title: We are Nothing?
The film is about vulnerability and the path to finding one’s own individuality. I believe most young people around the ages of 18-25 can relate to going through a period of trying to make it in the world and feeling like “nothing”.
How long did it take to create this film?
The film took about 22 days to film.  It took eight months from pre-production to post-production. But the discussion about the project goes back to late 2016.
Where did you find your actors and how did you choose them?
Some of the actors are from Chicago. I put a casting call around the Midwest and we auditioned mid 2017. We used websites like Actors Access and mainly Backstage. None of the actors in the film are SAG.  We (Jeremiah Davis, David Lew Cooper, and I) the executive producers of the film together were looking for actors that could embody the roles and show vulnerability. As a director, I was looking to find actors and actresses that could express the emotions of lost and inner conflicts on the screen.
Any summer movies you can’t wait to see?
Just a few: Incredibles 2, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Antman and the Wasp.  
What’s your favorite part of working in the library?
My favorite part working at the library is working front desk. Working with customers can be fun and interestingly difficult at the same time. It’s a challenge, but that’s what life is.

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