10th Ward Lit: A New Literary Magazine from EPL!

10th Ward Lit logoThe Evanston Public Library has officially launched a brand-new literary magazine, 10th Ward Lit, dedicated to showcasing the talented and diverse voices of writers all over Evanston. Why 10th Ward Lit?  The name was chosen because the Library is a space for all residents of Evanston’s nine wards to enjoy equitable access to resources — and is also a “10th Ward” fostering imagination and growth.

The inaugural issue of 10th Ward Lit begins with “The Coronavirus Issue”. Since the pandemic began, the daily lives of many have been completely upended. Mask-wearing, remote school and work, losing loved ones, adjusting to a difficult new normal—it’s been a challenging and unfamiliar experience for all. 10th Ward Lit invites members of the Evanston community to honor what we’ve lost and to celebrate what we’ve gained through this exceptional time we find ourselves in.

Evanston residents and those connected to the Evanston community who are 15 years of age or older are invited to send in their submissions of original, unpublished work for “The Coronavirus Issue” from April 16 through June 30. Learn more here. Individuals may submit up to three works at a time, and submissions in any language are welcome. Learn more about the submission guidelines and how to submit here. Submissions are accepted via email only.

10th Ward Lit accepts a wide range of submissions including poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, sequential fiction (comics), photography, and illustration. 10th Ward Lit especially encourages submissions from groups traditionally underrepresented in publishing, such as indigenous writers and writers of color, LGBTQA+ writers, members of the disability community, and women.

Submissions for the subsequent Fall 2021 issue, “The Climate Issue”, will be accepted beginning July 1. More information on “The Climate Issue” will be available soon. The 10th Ward Lit team plans to publish four times each year.


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