Falcon Cam

Peregrine falcons have been nesting at the library since 2004. They occupy the nest (scrape) from March until June each year. There is an Evanston Peregrine Falcon Watch group for posting and sharing news and observations of the Evanston Peregrine Falcons.  Scientists from the Field Museum’s Chicago Peregrine Program band the young falcons each year.

  • We are sorry to announce that the Peregrine nest at Evanston Public Library failed and the chick banding has been cancelled. The falcons have abandoned the nest, flying off with the last remaining living chick. It is unknown whether the chick remains alive. Three eggs were laid this year by Squawker and Fay: one egg did not hatch, one chick died a few days after hatching, and the fate of the last chick is unknown after it was taken away by Squawker.
  • The book signing will proceed as planned on Thursday June 29 at 11 am in the Community Meeting Room. Mary Hennen from The Field Museum and Peggy MacNamara, illustrator, will sign their new book:  The Peregrine Returns: The Art and Architecture of an Urban Raptor Recovery. Books will be available for purchase.
  •  More information about the Chicago Peregrine Falcon program can be found at http://fieldmuseum.org/explore/illinois-peregrines.

More on Peregrine Falcons

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