A Blade So Black

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A Blade So Black

Title: A Blade So Black
By: L.L. McKinney
Published: 2018
Call #: YA Fiction Mckin.L
eBook: https://ccs.polarislibrary.com/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=19.1033.0.0.2&pos=1&cn=1406017
eAudiobook: https://ccs.polarislibrary.com/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=19.1033.0.0.2&pos=2&cn=1406020

A thrilling adventure into a re-imagined Wonderland.  Shortly after her dad passed, Alice was pulled into a whole new world where dark creatures called Nightmares (from Wonderland) can creep into our world and wreak havoc.  Now she’s a dreamwalker, a skilled warrior, trained to defeat the Nightmares before they ever cross to our world.  Alice struggles balancing her new role with the rest of her life. She still has classes, friends and her mom to keep in the balance.  As Alice is completing her dreamwalker training she’s unexpectedly pulled into the middle of a terrible and dangerous scheme that might just destroy both of her worlds.


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