Accident! by Andrea Tsurumi

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Accident! by Andrea Tsurumi

Title: Accident!
By: Tsurumi, Andrea
Published: 2017
Call #: JPicture Tsuru.A

Talk about a book packed with surprising humor, Andrea Tsurumi’s chaotic, surreal, and joke-a-second Accident!  has page after page after page of comical mayhem with visual puns galore.  An animal named Lola stumbles quite literally over the title of the book, causing a mess that makes her race to the library to hide.  As she runs down the street she encounters other disasters that grow wilder and wilder.  Tsurumi’s graphite (on Bristol vellum with digital color) drawings and her deranged hand lettering make the reader want to flip through the pages quickly.  However, as the ensuing accidents magnify, the pages brim with gags that beg the reader to stop and explore each spread.  The more readers investigate, the more rewarding the journey is.  Also, the book’s action-packed vocabulary adds to the excitement. This hilarious book is a perfect example of comic timing at its best, with each page turn revealing a wildly funny bunch of new visual jokes.


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