Almost American Girl Robin Ha

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Young Adult , Graphic Novel

Almost American Girl Robin Ha

Title: Almost American Girl
By: Robin Ha
Published: 2020
Call #: YA B Ha.R Ha.R

Do you love graphic novels with authentic female leads and true stories of teens finding their ways? “Almost American Girl” by Robin Ha is a must read! Chronicling the author’s move from South Korea to the US in the 90’s, a teenager forced by her mother to adapt to an entirely new world. Entering the US as a non native speaker in the rural south, her struggles are daily and similar to the average teen–trouble fitting in and wearing the right clothes–to other much deeper and more unique struggles of someone trying to make their way in a new country. In a twist that resonates with many teens, Robin at last finds her niche drawing comics, and through this discovery also connects with her true self and community.



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