Among Others by Jo Walton

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Young Adult , Science Fiction/Fantasy

Among Others by Jo Walton

Title: Among Others
By: Walton, Jo
Published: 2012
Call #: Science Fiction Walto.J

This book is a love letter to anyone who grew up immersed in sci-fi & fantasy, who dreamed of Impressing their own dragon and finding their karass and going on their own quest, who felt completely out of sync with the “real” world, but ultimately wanted to find their own place in it. The framework for all of this is the story of a young woman, who may or may not have magical powers, escaping from a troubled childhood.  She has trouble fitting in at a new boarding school, but finds acceptance with a local science fiction book club.  The winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novel, and a really excellent read! (Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Discussion Group selection, May 2015)


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