Breakthrough by Jack Andraka

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Young Adult , Biography , Nonfiction

Breakthrough by Jack Andraka

Title: Breakthrough
By: Jack Andraka
Published: 2015
Call #: YA B Andra.J Andra.J

After seeing it on the shelf in the Loft and on display at nearly every bookstore I went into, I finally broke down and read this book. Boy, I’m glad I did!

Breakthrough is really two stories. One is the story of how Jack, a science whiz and probable genius, develops a cheap and effective method of detecting and diagnosing different types of cancer. Because of this test Jack reaches a level of success that is unusual for a 16 year old. The second story, however, is a bit more harrowing. It’s about coming out, overcoming depression, and dealing with both bullies and intense scholastic pressure.

I have to say I liked this book far more than I thought I would. I am NOT ashamed to admit that my eyes got a bit misty when Jack recounts his success; his enthusiasm, intelligence, and heart leaps off the page. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone because it shows how someone who is smart and capable and successful and resourceful can still deal with things that are tough and it shows how that person can feel defeated and vulnerable and alone but can overcome those things given time and heart.



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