Circe Madeline Miller

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Young Adult , Fiction

Circe Madeline Miller

Title: Circe
By: Madeline Miller
Published: 2018
Call #: Fiction Mille.M

A tale both dark and inspiring, the novel Circe weaves a fresh take on an old greek legend. We begin with Circe’s goddess birth in the land of the sun god Helios. But Circe quickly becomes an outcast for her lack of beauty and godly powers and ends up banished to an island. The story seems at first a re-telling of the legend and follows the greek theme. The tale shifts however and offers subtle critique of women’s limited choices, as well as pose deep questions of morality and love. The story creates an alternate ending to an old tale, one where Circe delves into the deeper meaning of immortality, love and the true value of living to one’s fullest. Far from deep and boring however, the story is filled with all the drama of life and legend: love, monsters, betrayal, gods, vengeance, passion and forgiveness.


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