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Children , Young Adult


Title: Cogheart
By: Peter Bunzl
Published: 2019 In US; 2016 in UK
Call #: J Bunzl.P

Wonderful (and terrifying) story set in a terrific steampunk world replete with airships, mechanical animals, and very bad guys with silver eyes. A page turner with heart and wind up keys.

Lily lost her mother years ago – and now word comes that her father’s been lost in an airship accident. Then her governess threatens her and demands to know the whereabouts of one of her father’s inventions. Lily has a mechanical fox and a young clockmaker from her village for help against brutal men with silver eyes that are hunting her.  Whom can she trust? Where can she turn?

Highly recommended for 4th – 8th graders and adults, too! (And watch for the two sequels out in the UK, not yet released in the US.) 


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