Compass South (Four Points) by Hope Larson

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Compass South (Four Points) by Hope Larson

Title: Compass South
By: Hope Larson
Published: 2016
Call #: JGraphic Larso.H

Hop aboard Hope Larson’s new and exciting high seas adventure series with illustrator Rebecca Mock, titled Compass South (Four Points). Right from the start this author and illustrator pair are in sync, Larson’s way with dialogue and story blending deftly with Mock’s emotional and expressive rendition of the setting and characters. Set in 1860, New York City, Compass South follows the story of not one but two sets of twins seeking better lives for themselves and their siblings in San Francisco, even if it means crossing street gangs, impersonating other people, stowing away and even fighting for their lives. And of course hidden treasure is involved! Fans of Treasure Island, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies and even Faith Erin Hick’s new graphic novel series The Nameless City (though it’s a land-based story) are sure to be swept away by this new graphic novel addition! Look for book two of the series, Knife’s Edge, this summer! For grades 4 and up.


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