Diary of a Haunting: Possession by M. Verano

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Young Adult , Fiction

Diary of a Haunting: Possession by M. Verano

Title: Diary of a Haunting: Possession
By: M. Verano
Published: 2016
Call #: YA Fiction Veran.M

Diary of a Haunting begins with a note from the editor that makes the reader question whether the following pages are inspired by true events or if it’s just a fictional tale.

The story that follows is the most startling documentation of the effects of supernatural forces I have ever yet encountered, and its significance to human understanding cannot be overestimated. It pains me, however, that this revelation comes at such a heavy cost.

The story of what went down unfolds through a a series of blog posts from Laetitia, who had a super popular hair and makeup blog with tons of followers until her posts started to get a little dark and creepy.  Laetitia starts to feel a little off, and then she starts to have horrible nightmares where people are attacking her or she feels like she’s on fire.  She keeps shrugging them off as weird dreams until random pictures related to them start posting to her blog somehow.  The pictures freak Laetitia, but it takes coughing a sea shell and some chicken bones for her to finally tell someone what’s up.   Laetitia’s family tries pills, home cleansing rituals, some dark magic and more, but will any of it help Laetitia before it’s too late?


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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