The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis

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The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis

Title: The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart
By: Burgis, Stephanie
Published: 2017
Call #: J Burgi.S

Stephanie Burgis’ exciting and funny fantasy for grades 4 and up is a coming of age story with a deliciously wild twist.  Like many protagonists in middle grade novels, young Aventurine feels misunderstood by her family and longs for adventures beyond her years.  But did I mention that she’s a dragon?  After she slips out of the cave she meets a food mage who slips her some evil magic chocolate that turns her into a human girl!  With her dragon nature still roaring inside of her, she discovers that she must work as someone’s apprentice in order to survive.  Now in love with everything chocolate, Aventurine sets her sights on working for the town’s most ill-tempered chocolatier, a woman who terrorizes those who work for her…and even her customers!  Can Aventurine prove that she has what it takes to become the best chocolate making apprentice ever?  Will she ever be turned back into a dragon and be reunited with her winged family members?  Packed with great characters and exhilarating action, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart is a blast of energetic, tasty fun that should be read by any fan of humorous fantastical stories.      


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