Here Comes Lolo

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Here Comes Lolo

Title: Here Comes Lolo
By: Niki Daly
Published: 2020
Call #: J Chapter Daly.N

Here Comes Lolo introduces us to primary-aged Lolo, a sweet, smart, artistic South-African girl who lives with her Gogo (grandma) and mother in the back of Gogo’s dressmaking shop. With writing grounded in the young girl’s identifiable daily experiences, and a gently paced and charmingly illustrated collection of four stories, you will instantly feel a closeness to little Lolo.

Included in this early chapter book collection: “A Gold Star and a Kiss for Lolo,” “Lolo’s Hat,” “Lolo and the Lost Ring,” and “Lolo and a Dog Called Hope”

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Car park= parking lot

Full stop= period

Molo= Hello/ How are you doing?




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