If I Ever Get Out Of Here by Eric Gansworth

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Young Adult , Fiction

If I Ever Get Out Of Here by Eric Gansworth

Title: If I Ever Get Out Of Here
By: Eric Gansworth
Published: 2013
Call #: YA Fiction Gansw.E

Lewis has spent most of his life trying to being invisible at school. He already gets picked on enough for being Native American so why make it worse? Lewis decides to take a risk and befriend a new student, George, who he shares a love of the Beatles with and a sense of humor.  What makes things tricky is Lewis has to constantly lie about his life on the Res, because there’s no way George is going to come over and see his disaster of a house with the roof falling down and outhouse out back.  But, when a bully starts to make Lewis’s life more miserable than usual is really puts their friendship to the test.  Even though it takes place in the 70’s many of the prejudices highlighted  in If I Ever Get Out of Here are still very relevant today and this book is definitely worth the read or listen.



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