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Title: Lobizona
By: Romina Garber
Published: 2020
Call #: YA Fiction Garbe.R

Undocumented. Unprotected. Unafraid.

At least that last part is what Manuela – Manu, for short – keeps telling herself, but the truth is, she’s terrified. Her entire life, Manu has been a secret – a secret from the US government and a secret from her father’s powerful Argentinian family. Coming to Miami at a young age meant escaping a family that would kill one of their own for betraying them. The US means a chance for a new life with her mom, but Manu has a glowing gaze, with eyes like stars and the sun itself. Her mother has always said they’re from her father, but regardless of where they come from, Manu’s eyes mean she can’t live a normal life until they can be fixed. Who knows when that will happen?

Just as Manu begins to lose patience with her mom over the long immigration process, she realizes there are powers in the world much greater than ICE – and more deadly.

Thrust back into her father’s world, Manu finally must fight for herself – she must embrace the howl of the lobizona.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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