Monstress by Marjorie Liu

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Young Adult , Graphic Novel

Monstress by Marjorie Liu

Title: Monstress Volume One: Awakening
By: Marjorie Liu
Published: 2016
Call #: YA Graphic Liu.M v. 1

This is a beautiful graphic novel that will appeal to adults just as much as teens.  Visually, it’s like returning to those lush fairy tale picture books of my youth, but in the second half of the story when the princess is held captive and all the colors are muted.  In truth, the story isn’t that different either.  We meet the heroine, Maika, tortured, brutalized, missing one hand at the elbow, getting sold at auction.  A two tailed cat and a tiny little girl with fox ears and tail (who looks like Sanrio creation) follow Maika on her journey to find out who she is and what monster lurks beneath her skin.  Humans, non-humans, and creatures inhabit this world that I really got into.  I just wish it wasn’t a serial graphic novel because I want the whole story now!


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