Notes from a Young Black Chef

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Notes from a Young Black Chef

Title: Notes from a Young Black Chef
By: Kwame Onwuachi
Published: 2021
Call #: YA 641.5092 Onwua.K

At 26 years old, some might think opening a high-end restaurant might be overly ambitious – some might even call it a rooky move, destined to fail. Some might also say 26 is young to be writing a memoir, but at his age, Kwame Onwuachi has seen some highs and lows of life that many could never even imagine. From a rocky start in the Bronx, to Michelin star restaurants and Top Chef competition, Kwame defies the odds of the restaurant world – and quite honestly, the odds for a young Black man in America as well. In his memoir, Kwame chronicles the way cooking and his family’s food remain touchstones throughout his life, helping him come home to himself again and again, despite the experiences of parental abuse, racism, and gang violence. Kwame continues to rally around his food, his heritage, and his own true spirit, never losing sight of his dreams and never giving up.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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