Peggy’s Letters

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Peggy’s Letters

Title: Peggy's Letters
By: Jacqueline Halsey
Published: 2005

Fans of Kimberly Brubaker Bradley’s The War That Saved My Life, know that people in London, England commonly lost their homes to bombings during World War II. But if someone did lose their home this way, what was life after that like?

In the first few pages of Peggy’s Letters, while in line at the butcher shop to get sausages with their rations, ten-year-old Peggy’s home is demolished by a bomb. Though thankfully, her mother, baby brother and she are safe, they no longer have a home. And Peggy’s precious biscuit (cookie) tin filled with letter to her father is lost to the rubble. All her family has now is a pram (stroller), sausages and each other. In one of Tumblebook’s great read-alouds, join Peggy in navigating her new normal living at her gruff grandad’s home and attending a new school. The British voice actor providing audio helps the reader become even more immersed in the story. Don’t miss out!

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