Podkin One Ear (Longburrow #1)

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Podkin One Ear (Longburrow #1)

Title: Podkin One-Ear
By: Kieran Larwood
Published: 2017 US; 2016 UK
Call #: J Larwo.K

The premise of this story is that humans have ceased walking the earth and rabbits have taken over, rabbits that talk and wear clothes and live in burrows and have a deep history. It is an idyllic existence. But it is suddenly threatened by an evil that came from ‘burrowing too deep’ in the earth, leaving rabbits transformed into half metal creatures who carry out the will of the Gorm. Podkin is one young lazy and careless rabbit who is called, with his fierce sister and baby brother at his side, to fight the Gorm. This is his first story, the story of how he lost his ear and gained a mission.

I thought this book was thrilling and I didn’t mind that it stands on the shoulders of giants — Wind in the Willows, The Hobbit, Redwall, and Watership Down. Just a delight. Recommended for kids 3rd – 6th grade (if not prone to nightmares.) I loved reading this book and, despite its horrific metal enemies, found it strangely comforting. So glad that more books in the series are available! Read it out loud to someone looking for deep and heroic adventure told with a bit of humor and lots of endearing characters.

I have also (now) finished The Gift of Dark Hollow (#2) and The Beasts of Grimheart (#3) and they more than live up to Podkin One Ear, the Legend Begins! Great series.



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