Quincredible Vol. 1

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Quincredible Vol. 1

Title: Quincredible. Quest to be the best!
By: Rodney Barnes
Published: 2021
Call #: YA Graphic Barne.R v. 1

Awkward teen and tech nerd by day, indestructible wannabe superhero by night? Not what Quinton West had in mind!

But that’s what Quin got back when a meteor shower dubbed “The Event” left New Orleans irreversibly changed – yet again after hurricane Katrina – and left certain people more changed than others. Superheroes began popping up everywhere after The Event, some with awesome powers like flight and blinding light, but Quin’s power is more subtle: He can’t be hurt, at least on the outside, but that’s it. No super strength, no flying, none of the “cool stuff.”

While at first perceived as a let-down, Quin realizes he can use his new power and his tech-geek skills to make a difference in the community. But other forces are at play, and perspective is a powerful thing too.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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