Race to The Sun Rebecca Roanhorse

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Young Adult

Race to The Sun  Rebecca Roanhorse

Title: Race to the Sun
By: Rebecca Roanhorse
Published: 2019
Call #: J Roanh.R

Race to the Sun is an exciting story, full of adventure, friendship and humor. Seventh grader Nizhoni Begay can see monsters, often disguised as humans, and one shows up at her house trying to kill her and lure her brother and father away to nefarious uses.  Using Dino, or Navajo, mythology as a backdrop, Nizhoni embarks on a quest to save her father and brother. In the end, she more than saves her family, she also discovers her own monsterslayer qualities, unveils mysteries of her families, and connects to her Dine past and mythological beings. Come along for this fast paced and humorous tale of adventure in the Dine’s southwest.


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