Replica by Lauren Oliver

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Young Adult , Fiction

Replica by Lauren Oliver

Title: Replica
By: Lauren Oliver
Published: 2016
Call #: YA Fiction Olive.L

Told in separate narratives that can be read simultaneously or separately, Replica is a unique story about two girls with very different pasts, both trying to rediscover who they are after a startling revelation.

Gemma had a sheltered life. She was always sick, in and out of hospitals and thus her parents treat her like she’s made of glass. Her life is full of schedules, rules and homework. She has never broken a rule, never skipped class and never skipped town for spring break. But after she overhears her parents arguing about something called “Haven,” she knows that it is something to do with her past.  As soon as her dad leaves, Gemma sneaks out of her home and sets off to find out more about the mysterious institute, Haven.

Lyra—or number 24 as she is known at Haven—has always known a life of procedures, experiments and unhappiness and doesn’t know what life is like on the mainland besides what she sees from the nurses’ or doctors’ scraps of magazines. When Haven is blown up by a suicide bomber, Lyra is thrown out into a world she knows nothing about. She runs into Gemma and together, they make it their mission to discover the secrets of Haven…and survive from the men trying to kill them.

Oliver’s dual narrative is a suspenseful read that proves there are two sides to every story.



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