Riding Chance by Christine Kendall

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Riding Chance by Christine Kendall

Title: Riding Chance
By: Christine Kendall
Published: 2016
Call #: YA Fiction Kenda.C

Troy’s life has been a roller coaster lately.  His mom passed away and now it’s just Troy, his dad and grandma.  Things have changed so much and Troy has started to get into trouble with his best friend Foster.  When Foster and Troy are busted for their most recent incident they are given the option of working at the horse stables in the city instead of going to juvie.  Cleaning up after horses does not seem like a great option, who wants to spend their time shoveling horse poop? But, Troy and Foster get a chance to learn to ride the horses too.   Troy begins to enjoy working with the horses and even starts to get excited at opportunity to join the stable’s polo team, but Foster is not interested at all. Troy really begins to bond with a horse named, Chance, who he rides during polo practice.  As Troy gets more involved at the stables he has to make decisions about his friendship with Foster and also how to handle some tricky situations that come with the other polo players.  Riding Chance is a great read for fans of G. Neri and Jason Reynolds.


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