The River Bank by Kij Johnson (A sequel to The Wind in the Willows)

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The River Bank by Kij Johnson (A sequel to The Wind in the Willows)

Title: The River Bank
By: Kij Johnson
Published: 2017
Call #: J Johns K.

Are you a The Wind in the Willows fan? Here at long last is a worthy sequel seemingly written by Kenneth Graham himself after being gently enlightened about women and privilege. The River Bank is incredibly funny yet full of detailed delight in nature as well as an exciting kidnapping for ransom. It does not require any real familiarity with The Wind in the Willows, either — it can stand alone beautifully.

The irrepressible Toad has another madcap adventure; he is again rescued by his good friends Water Rat, Badger and Mole. However, now they are joined by two bachelor women, Beryl Mole and her intrepid friend Rabbit! Beryl is an “Authoress” come to the River Bank for time and space to write, but what happens in life more than competes with her supernatural crime novels.

This book is even more effective when read aloud. I read it to my husband, (and yes, we laughed till we cried together) but reading this aloud to your kids one chapter a night before bed will make for a magical 12 days. Enjoy!


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