Slider by Pete Hautman

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Young Adult

Slider by Pete Hautman

Title: Slider
By: Pete Hautman
Published: 2017
Call #: YA Fiction Hautm.P

David loves all things eating.  He loves eating anything and everything, in fact he even times himself when scarfing down pizza to see how he matches up to other competitive eaters.  David’s ability to shove insane amount of food in stomach comes in handy when, he accidentally bids $2000 instead on $20 on a famous competitive eater’s half eaten hotdog on  Now David has to come up with a plan to get $2000 before his mom realizes the charge is on the card.  Turns out the local pizza chain is hosting their first ever competitive eating contest at the end of the summer and the prize is $5,000. David gets his besties to sponsor his entry and his summer adventure to win begins.


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