The Avant-Guards Volume 1

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The Avant-Guards Volume 1

Title: The Avant-Guards. Volume one
By: Carly Usdin
Published: 2019
Call #: YA Graphic Usdin.C v. 1

Charlie has just transferred to an arts school. She doesn’t know anyone and she’s not even sure she made the right choice switching schools.  During an activity fair she starts getting hounded by a girl at one of the booths who is trying to start a basketball team at the school for the first time.  At first Charlie’s not interested, but Liv, the girl from the fair is persistent.  Once Liv finds Charlie used to play on the team at her school, she’s determined to get Charlie to join the Avant-Guards. The fact that Liv has a little crush on Charlie might add to her persistence too.  The Avant-Guards is a graphic novel series that’s funny, realistic and even has a touch of romance if you’re a fan of The Lumberjanes or Giant Days definitely pick up volume 1 right away.


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