The Good Hawk

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The Good Hawk

Title: The Good Hawk
By: Joseph Elliott
Published: 2020
Call #: J Elio. J

Thrilling debut novel of mythic, fantasy Scotland in the time of the Vikings that includes two very unlikely kids as the protagonists and heroes. Fierce, courageous Agatha is a Hawk, a watcher on the isle of Skye, born with a Down’s Syndrome- like condition. Timid, self-doubting Jaime is an Angler, but hates the sea. Both are stretched to their limits in their quest to free their people from a Viking raid. Joseph Elliot is a British writer and actor who has worked with special needs kids from an early age. Don’t miss this exciting first installment of the Shadow Skye series! (Appropriate for readers 5th – 8th grade and up — I loved it!)



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