The Inheritance Games

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The Inheritance Games

Title: The Inheritance Games
By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Published: 2020
Call #: YA Fiction Barne.J

One day Avery is spending the night in her car because her half sister’s boyfriend is a jerk and the next day she finds out that some random dead rich guy has named her in his will.  Well, the random rich guy turns out to be famous billionaire, Tobias Hawthorne. For some unknown reason he has left almost all of his money and estate to Avery.  Avery finds her whole life changed in a flash.  Now she lives in a mansion with Tobias’s four grandsons, who thought they would inheriting a lot more from their grandfather.  Avery also finds out that Hawthorne was quiet fond of games, riddles and puzzles. She and the four grandsons each got a letter from Hawthorne at the will reading. The grandsons are convinced the letters contain clues to why Avery was named in the will.  Avery has to decide if she can trust the four boys, or if they’re really out to get her.   The Inheritance Games is tons of fun and a great new series full of twists and turns from Jennifer Lynn Barnes.


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