The Killer In Me by Margot Harrison

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Young Adult , Fiction

The Killer In Me by Margot Harrison

Title: The Killer In Me
By: Margot Harrison
Published: 2016
Call #: YA Fiction Harri.M

Nina Barrows is your typical high school senior getting ready for college, suffering from sleep deprivation and tracking a dangerous killer named The Thief. Nina fervently follows the Thief’s every move, she knows how and who he hunts and it is driving her crazy. After countless sleepless nights, Nina decides that it is time for her to end the killing by killing the Thief. She and her, skeptical and concerned friend, Warren follows the Thief’s trail and they find themselves face to face with Dylan Shadwell who appears to be nothing more than a loving son, father and boyfriend but who is Dylan really?  Does the Thief really exist or is he just a figment of Nina’s wild imagination? This roller coaster ride filled with twists and turns entitled “The Killer In me” will leave you guessing and completely in awe of what will happen next. Will Nina and Warren be the Thief’s next victim or will the Thief be theirs?


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