The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins

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The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins

Title: The True History of Lyndie B Hawkins
By: Gail Shepherd
Published: 2019
Call #: J Sheph G.

Terrific Middle Grade debut about a young girl growing up in 1970’s Tennessee who wonders if everyone tells lies all the time. “I just never realized, even when i was bobbing like a cork in an ocean of falsehoods.” Lyndie is living with some hard realities: her dad went to Vietnam and never fully recovered. When he loses his job, then they lose their home. Her Grandma believes in keeping up appearances even if reality is really scary. But eventually, Lyndie learns that redemption is worth fighting for, even if it means telling some hard truths. Lyndie’s first person voice is what carries this novel and endears her to you. By the end, you are wishing there was some way to hang out longer with Lyndie and her friends.


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