The Undateable by Sarah Title

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The Undateable by Sarah Title

Title: The Undateable
By: Sarah Title
Published: 2017
Call #: Paperback Romance Title. S

Fun, modern romance that features a librarian as the main character. Melissa Bernard is in a comfortable rut as an academic librarian who cares deeply about her college kid patrons. One day she gets caught on camera in her disapproving mode  — and turns into an internet meme. “Bernie” is horrified. Does it get better or worse when a website wants to send the Disapproving Librarian on 30 dates in 30 days to see if she’s “undateable”?  The author has a light touch and is often pretty funny — and who could resist a real librarian whose nom de plume is Sarah Title? (The author is Title! ) Grab this one if you want a cozy easy read for a weekend in front of the fire.





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