Lifecare Innovations

Website Address
100 S. Saunders Road, Suite 150 Lake Forest, IL
ZIP Code
Phone Number
(847) 857-9133

- Be the “eyes and ears” for the geographically
distant family
- Coordinate services from dentist appointments
to complex surgical procedures
- Evaluate alternative options for care and
arranging second opinions
- Evaluate level of care and options available in
the community
- Be named as the health care power of attorney
to provide an alternate decision maker if the
need arises
- Crisis management for the unplanned events
that consume the family
- Create Lifecare Plans for personal injury
- Advocate for the best care in all settings including hospitals, assisted living and long-term care
- Manage simple day to day needs such as groceries, outings, housekeeping and bill paying
- coordinate clients' participation in major events such as vacations, weddings and graduations
- Negotiate bills with medical providers and other services
manage paperwork from bill paying to filling out insurance forms
- Assist clients in obtaining reverse mortgages
- File for government entitlements, Social Security Disability, Medicaid and Medicare

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