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1265 Hartrey Avenue, Evanston, IL
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Carolyn Keel, Executive Director
Phone Number
847-328-4090 x 227

Rimland is the oldest agency in the State of Illinois serving the functional, vocational, and residential needs of individuals, 18 and over, with autism. Since its beginnings in 1970, Rimland has continued to pioneer Residential Living Programs , Health and Wellness Programs and a Developmental Training Center. that support adults with autism as they achieve their full potential, and actively participate in the communities of their choice. Rimland currently operates 18 group residences in the Chicago area, including one in Evanston.

Public Notes

Our mission is to provide realistic and essential supports to adults with autism that reflect their desired conditions of living related to eight core dimensions to one’s life:
Rimland has been saying “welcome home” to individuals with autism for more than 40 years. We provide a safe, secure environment in which individuals can grow, and from which they can engage with the world. Our approach is unique, our care excellent.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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