Shakespeare Garden

2121 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL
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Margo Brown

Designed in 1915 by Chicago landscape architect Jens Jensen, the intimate, meditative garden features a bas-relief of the Bard. Every plant in the garden was either mentioned in Shakespeare's plays or commonly grew in Tudor England. Located east of Sheridan Road, north of Garrett seminary. Popular wedding site. Maintained by the Garden Club of Evanston.

Public Notes

The garden is approximately 70 feet wide and 120 feet long. It is ringed by a double row of hawthorn trees that shade stone paths between the rows. The garden is divided into eight large flower beds, with the four outside beds planted “posy-fashion,” or somewhat informally. The four inner beds are knot-gardens surrounded by low boxwood hedges. In all of the flower beds, care has been taken to use plants that were either included in Shakespeare’s writings, common during his lifetime, or are modern cultivars of these older plants. A narrow lawn of grass is in the center of the garden and four large hawthorn trees mark the four corners.

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