Sidewalk Poetry

“Research” by Ethan Plaut

My poems
Are research
Into how
The perfect
Would sound
Just in case
I should find
The person
With whom to
Have it

“Clark Street Beach” by Charlotte Hart

Lake Michigan smooth
sunrise barefoot wedding
kissing laughing
tux pants rolled up
gown held above sand.
We were the old couple walking by
holding hands.

Poem by Toby Sachs

[image of two foot prints]

You may step where I step
But you may not walk in my shoes
Unless you try

“Snowflakes” by Susan Gundlach

Flitting spots of white
Lighting on dead flower stalks:
Winter’s butterflies

“The Poetic Foot” by Alicia Berneche

Your feet scan these words
And feel the vibration of meaning
through their soles.
Poetry is motion
And the rhythm of bodies
That pound their stories
Into the earth.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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