Community Listening & Sharing Event Teen Only Session

November 4, 4:30 – 6 pm will be a students grade 6-12 Only Session: This session is designated only for students in grade 6-12 to attend.

Evanston Public Library (EPL) embarked on a journey to meaningfully engage communities; build community relationships; and advance its equity, diversity and inclusion efforts. In keeping with this goal, EPL will host 10 Community Listening & Sharing engagements in collaboration with Strong & Starlike Consulting, Inc. between September and December 2021.

The Evanston Public Library wants to hear from you! Join us for pizza and a discussion about your thoughts and vision for the Evanston Public Library. We want to better meet your needs and chatting with you will help us do that. On top of pizza each participant will get a $25 gift card for taking part!

What is the Purpose of the Engagements?

EPL wants to collaborate with community members in re-imagining the future of the library. The goal of each session is to provide a space for community and library sharing; community listening and collective dreaming about the future of the library. EPL seeks to value the time and wisdom of community members by providing a small stipend. Since the engagements are designed specifically to reimagine the future of Evanston Public Library, all of the engagement discussions will focus solely on achieving that goal.

Will There Be Space to Discuss Other Community Concerns During the Engagements?

We recognize community participants may have other relevant questions and concerns related to EPL. We want to hear from you! If you have a grievance, question or concern that does not quite fit into the stated engagement goals above, please contact EPL Executive Director, Karen Danczak Lyons at and/or the EPL Board of Trustees at



Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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