Pride Fashion Sewing Session

Are you excited for Pride Party in June? We are too! Come prep your outfit for the fashion show in June with the Teen Loft.

We have some awesome party activities planned, one of which is our Pride Fashion Show! We all know Pride Fashion is a big deal, and if you’d like to show off your style this pride month, come rock it at the show! If you’d like a little help bringing your ideas to life, come to one of our Pride Sewing Sessions. In preparation for the fashion show, we will have a session in both May and June, so we have lot’s of time to make sure our outfits look amazing!

Whether you have an outfit you’d like to make from scratch, or a pre-existing piece that needs some alterations, we can help! Get ready to look fabulous! Grades 6-12. Registration Required.

Questions? Contact Morgan at


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