Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Join a small group tour on a walk through the Eggleston Park Food Forest to learn about and see permaculture in action.

What’s permaculture? Learn for yourself with a guided walk through the Eggleston Park Food Forest on Saturday, September 10. ⁠

During our 90-minute walk through this lush food forest, we’ll learn about the principles of permaculture and how to apply them to gardening, life and society. ⁠Our Edible Evanston guide Tim Sonder, will cover permaculture ideas such as guilds and layers, we’ll get to see the range of plants growing in the forest, their synergies, and how conventional annual vegetable production is also integrated into the food forest. ⁠Walk away with ideas for your own edible gardens and maybe even a bite from an produce that is ready to eat!⁠

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