When Coded Beats Come Alive (grades 6 to 12)

Wednesday, July 28, 6-8 pm, Reading Garden, Robert Crown Branch Library

Hosted by Evanston Public Library & Northwestern University.

Come and learn how to code a beat in Tunepad using Python. Then have your creation played by a live band!. This event was designed to introduce youth to coding or enhance their knowledge in a fun way. it was also designed to show rising teen composers and producers how their digital creations could exist beyond their laptops and iPads, to show them how they could be transformed from digital to organic. We also welcome spoken word artists who might want to try to recite over a live band. This event is for coders and artists ranging from 6 to 12th grade.

This event is only 2 hours It will go from 6  to 8 pm. Here are the basics!

6  to 7 pm: Youth will learn how to code beats in Tunepad with Michael Stephen Horn and his team.

7  to 8 pm: Youth can submit their creations to live musicians to hear some version of it played live.

IMPORTANT: Depending on how many people sign up, there may be a limit on how many youths can submit their coded beats to the band. It will be first come first serve. Also depending on what is coded, the band may elect to play a version of it, meaning it may or may not be verbatim. The reason being, some coded beats can not be played by a human or one human alone. You can also bring your own laptop if you prefer. Tunepad is online software that can be accessed from any computer.

If you have more questions, contact Oz at oecford@cityofevanston.org


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