Falcon Update: Off to rehab for some flying lessons

While attempting to fly this weekend, Bibli, the peregrine falcon chick hatched in a scrape atop the Main Library this Mother’s Day took his second tumble this season off his perch.
He was not injured in his fall, but because he’s been delayed in his development since hatching, the experts at the Chicago Peregrine Program advised the volunteers of Evanston Peregrine Watch to take him to Willowbrook Wildlife Center for a little rehab and some flying lessons from other falcons.
At Willowbrook, Bibli will make plenty of new friends with other peregrines just like him. Staff there will assess his health and give him the space and time to get stronger at flying, with the goal of releasing him back into the wild at the end of the summer, when young peregrines typically leave their parents’ territory.
Thank you so much to our Falcon Watch volunteers, to the Chicago Peregrine Program, to Willowbrook Wildlife Center, and to all our bird-loving patrons. Although it’s sad we won’t get to see Bibli soar off his library perch, what’s most important is Bibli’s future role in the rebound of the peregrine species, and all our volunteers and partners helped make it possible.
Meanwhile, you can check out a recent post on Willowbrook’s Facebook page to meet all his new friends.

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