Food For Thought

May 16, 2014

foer-chipotle-cupA small blurb on NPR’s website mentions that author Jonathan Safran Foer has teamed with Chipotle to feature stories by Toni Morrison, Malcolm Gladwell, George Saunders, etc. on their bags and cups. He had the idea while eating  a burrito at Chipotle one day with nothing to read. In his Vanity Fair interview, he said: “I tried to put together a somewhat eclectic group, in terms of styles. I wanted some that were essayistic, some fiction, some things that were funny, and somewhat provoking.” Asked if he had any reservations about working with Chipotle because of his criticism of the meat industry, Foer said: “what interested me is the 800,000 Americans of extremely diverse backgrounds having access to good writing. A lot of those people don’t have access to libraries or bookstores.”



Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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