Videos and supplemental information for Midnight’s Children


Events in History at the time of the novel:, 10 pages

Renée, Diane. “Midnight’s Children.” Literature and Its Times Supplement 1Profiles of 300 Notable Literary Works and the Historical Events that Influenced Them, by Joyce Moss, vol. 2: The Great Depression and the New Deal to Future Times (1930s -), Gale, 2003, pp. 327-337. Gale eBooks, Accessed 30 Aug. 2023.

Quick Overview of each book, characters, themes, and historical context:, 15 pages

“Midnight’s Children.” Novels for Students, edited by Sara Constantakis, vol. 23, Gale, 2006, pp. 176-191. Gale eBooks, Accessed 30 Aug. 2023.


BBC Radio, August 2017. Salman Rushdie in conversation with radio drama director Emma Harding about Midnight’s Children:, 15 minutes


Why should you read “Midnight’s Children”? – Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, 5 minutes

Recorded March 22, 2003 at Columbia University, 55 minutes
Salman Rushdie and Columbia University President Lee Bollinger discuss Rushdie’s novel “Midnight’s Children”, its context, relevance, and impact on both the public and Rushdie himself.

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