Need a Book Recommendation? Meet the Answer to Your Prayers

March 7, 2016

SelectReadsThis is really cool.

Folks, the fact of the matter is that getting good book recommendations can sometimes be a bit tricky.  Now imagine, if you will, that there was a service out there where you could select the kinds of books or authors or genres you like and then you get personalized recommendations emailed to you regularly.

Well aren’t you just the lucky ducks.  Now there is.

Starting today, Evanston Public Library is launching Select Reads.  If you’ve gone to our website or our catalog you’ve probably seen its banner there.  What is it?  Basically it’s a free reader’s service that gives you, the library user, the opportunity to select and receive customized updates of book lists, new arrivals, staff picks and notifications about authors and books that are most important to you.

Starting today you can sign up for SelectReads, New Book Alerts, and Author Check. Here’s what you’ll get in each case:


  • Select Reads – This lets users subscribe to monthly newsletters of books on the topics they care most about.  Maybe you love biographies but we have so many that it can be hard to figure out which ones to read first.  Now you can get a monthly newsletter that sends you suggestions with reviews and author info on precisely what you want to read.  It’s here that you can also find our Staff Picks or go to Author Spotlight, where two authors in whatever genre you prefer are highlighted so that you can find new books to read and love.

NewBookAlerts (2)

  • New Book Alerts – Makes it easy to read about a new book and reserve it with a link to the Library’s catalog.  And it’s completely customizable.  Do you only want to know about new mysteries?  How about new history books?  Maybe you’d prefer knowing what all the new cookbooks are.  Now you can!


  • Author Check – Do you want the inside track on all your favorite authors? Would you like to be alerted IMMEDIATELY when they have a new book out and it’s suddenly appeared in the Evanston Public Library catalog?  Now you can.

To sign up for the Library’s new SelectReads service, visit or contact the Reader’s Advisory Desk at 847-448-8620 with any questions.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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