On the Avenue, 5th Avenue

February 26, 2013

BG StoreA recent trip to New York City found me strolling one morning on 5th Avenue admiring all the really, really posh window displays of things I’ll never buy. WhenBG A Tale of Two Cities book cover I got to the final block before Central Park, there was Bergdorf Goodman with “Great Moments in Literature,” paying homage to books and authors. Five authors were featured: Dickens, Orwell, Kipling, Proust, and Kafka. The windows reflected a designer’s fantastical imagining of fashions that realized the book’s aesthetic–not what characters in the story might wear, but rather what the motif of the book inspired. I’d love to know what drove the choice of books and authors. Did the fashions come first, then the window designers matched them to a book? Or did I view a designer’s favorite books with fashions specially selected for the display? Click here to see all the windows.

Barbara L.


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