Pandemic? Let’s Come Together to Make A Cookbook!

April 10, 2020

In these anxious times of social distancing, we find new ways to come together. The creation of the Cozy Evanston Community Cookbook is underway.  Evanston Public Library wants your recipes and has plans to collect them from as many Evanston residents as possible. When complete, the cookbook will  be made freely available online with a printed copy to be available at the Library for the historical record.

Is there a recipe that gives you particular comfort whenever you make it? Perhaps one you remember from your childhood or that’s been in your family for years? Maybe you found it on the internet and it makes you happy whenever you recreate it or perhaps you invented it yourself! Want to be included? Here’s what we’ll need from you:
  • Send ONE recipe (just one!) for a dish that makes you feel good every time you eat it.
  • Write a one paragraph or less explanation of what this recipe means to you. Even better if it has some kind of connection to Evanston!
  • Share a photograph of the completed dish (not required)
  • Your full name (if you are willing to include it). Your contribution can be anonymous.
Submit your recipe to and your recipe will be included in the book. With the help of the platform (which allows you to format an e-book and submit it to the Library for inclusion in Biblioboard), it’s easy to publish a book.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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