How Cycling Can Save the World by Peter Walker

A terrific international review of  cities becoming more cycling friendly; this book may have changed my life. There were several key insights for me:
1) Requiring helmets significantly reduces usage of bikes; people are robbed of the terrific health benefits of biking if usage is reduced; and helmet may or may not help most folks avoid injury, so that the best solution overall for the community is to encourage but not require a helmet.
2) “Livability’ means people having a more one on one relationship with their city; a synonym would be “walkable” or “bike-able.” Biking creates a statistically measurable difference in your relationship with your hometown: relationships with retailers and city services; greater involvement in the life of your city; knowing more neighbors; more support  for local charities and institutions.
SO, for the last 4 days of work, I have cycled to work 4 times, all of them without a helmet on the trip going in to work, but wearing one on the trip home. (Hair etc.) It’s a start! I feel like I have a whole new way to describe why I love where I live and, though very late to the game, I am ready to be militant in pushing for more support on the roads for bikes because it not only is better for me — it is better for the local economy! mm

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