Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce put in graphic format by Edith

Wonderful adaptation of the beloved 1958 classic fantasy, in graphic novel form, created by EDITH, a French illustrator. Because his brother has the measles, Tom had to live for the summer at a relative’s house. In his lonely sleepless nights, after the grandfather clock strikes 13 times,  he opens the back door and finds a beautiful garden. When he wakes again and goes outside in the daylight, there is a small concrete pad and many surrounding houses. Where did the garden go? Tom’s summer is suddenly full of midnight adventures! One night, he makes a perfect friend in the garden. But what happens when the summer ends?  I spoke to a librarian who loves the original (since I never read it) and this graphic novel was moving to him as well. Relationships transcend time, age and circumstance.

Just lovely.

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