The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here by Hope Jahren

Terrific simple introduction to climate change that explains clearly how we got to this point in various industries  — Food (agriculture, meat production, fishing), Energy, and Earth (melting ice, rising waters, warming air). Hope Jahren (Lab Girl) is a scientist/professor and this is the content of her most frequently taught class; it’s fact based, non emotional clarity about our world as it is currently run. The information is deeply disturbing, but she doesn’t leave it there. She also issues a call to arms: “Having hope requires is precisely because no single solution will save us that everything we do matters. Every meal we eat, every mile we travel, and every dollar we spend presents us with a choice between using more energy than we did last time or less. You have power. How will you use it? Now is a time to imagine a world in alighnment with our ideals…”

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